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Linear floor drain structure

    Linear floor drain structure from top to bottom contain: Linear grating panels,Filter elements,deodorant parts,and slot outlet main 5 major components

① Linear grating panel: Linear long shape,the most common material on the market is stainless steel,with large drainage area.


② Filter elements:Mounted on the bottom of groove,can filter hair and other debris to prevent sewer blocked,generally divided into male and female filter element.


③ Deodorant part:It's connected with filter element,It's most important portion of floor drain, from the pest control, anti-odor, to anti-back overflow. Usually divided into V-Type silica gel deodorant or T-Shaped metal deodorant parts.


④ Bottom groove:  The floor drain drainage at the temporary storage, then water go through the bottom slot, and discharged after filtration. Usually have guide waterline on the bottom of groove.


⑤ Drain:Floor drain to the sewer drainage components required slightly less than the diameter sewer pipe mouth.