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Deep drawing process

Deep drawing is deformed sheet metal material into a cylinder or box shaped parts.
Usually deep drawing on double action process blank holder.Blank holder can effectively prevent the raised edge wrinkling when pulled into the steel.
Deep drawing technology is widely used in the production process,and many industries. For example,use on production of auto parts in automotive industry,Used to make electronic metal chassis and components.Can also used to make household products,like stainless steel kitchen sink.
Drawing process is extremely complex skill, in practice we should consider the following important factors
1. Different materials tensile properties,Like Stretch rate limitation that the ratio of the diameter and the diameter of the stamping blanks.
2.Lubricant selection,should consider two factors,First provide deep drawing oil film to reduce scratching,Second after deep drawing operation is completed,To be able to conveniently and completely removed. It may include chlorinated or sulfurized fats and oils or waxes,or deep drawing soap lye.
We can make deep drawing parts as your request. Welcome send us drawing & prototype for quote.