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Feature of our stainless steel carts

     We can find trolley everywhere during our daily life. The carts help people transfer cargo and commodity easy & high efficiency. There are have many types of trolleys, According to material,they are divide into: Aluminum trolley,steel trolley and stainless steel trolley. Today we talk some feature of stainless steel carts.
     1. Stainless steel carts is made of stainless steel,with double side push handles,They are anti-corrosion,easy to clean and shiny surface.
     2. One trolley with 4 pc of caster wheels,According to different work condition can match nylon wheel,polyurethane wheel or TPR wheels.stainless steel caster available
    3. Due to different design and material thickness load weight can reach 100-500kg or more
    4. Can customize make the stainless steel trolley easily
     Because of above advantage,the stainless steel cart are popular used as kitchen trolley,medical trolley,and library trolley.